Waiting List Contract

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Section 1 - Fee

The deposit to The Breeder is $100 and is to reserve your place in line. When you pick your puppy, your deposit for your place in line will be applied to the price of the puppy.

Section 2 - Non-Refundable

PAYMENT for reserving your place in line will not under any circumstance be refunded. If you have a situational life change that makes it so you can no longer get a dog, your deposit will not be refunded. If you decide to purchase a puppy from another breeder, your deposit will not be refunded because we have fulfilled our commitment by giving you a place in line. A lot of time, effort, and financial website investment goes into the maintenance of the list.

Section 3 - Pick Or Pass

After you have made your payment, and any litter becomes 8 weeks old, you have the right to pick one or pass on any of the puppies in that litter that haven't already been picked by someone before you on the list. The morning the litter is 8 weeks old, we will text prices, pictures, and videos of available puppies starting at the top of the list. You will have 8 business hours from the time you are contacted to make your choice to pick or pass. Business hours is defined as 9 AM to 5PM mountain standard time. Failure to contact us within 8 hours will result in an automatic pass. It is the buyers responsibility to watch the website and be aware of the dates when they could be contacted , and being available to be contacted. If you pass on a puppy you will maintain your current place in line. If you pick a puppy and want to remain on the list, you must make another $250 deposit and you will be moved to the bottom of the list.

Section 4 - Pick Up / Delivery

The Puppy is the sole responsibility of the waitlisted person once the puppy is put in the possession of the lap nanny/part responsible for delivery. Please understand that we love to deliver our puppies, but but we usually cannot due to taking care of other puppies and the parents. We can't leave town. Our lives revolve around taking care of the dogs 24-7. We appreciate your understanding, and want to make you aware there is a financial cost of getting your puppy to you. Safety is always number 1.

Section 5 - Pick Up Arrangement Deadline

The day the litter is 8 weeks old, the buyer will be given 7 calendar days to make pick-up arrangements and complete final payment before the puppy is picked up , or dropped off to any lap nanny or shipping institution. Failure to meet either of these two time frames will result in a forfeit of your place in line. Your $250 will not be refunded in either case.

Section 6 - Pick Up Arrangement Deadline

The Breeder reserves the right to keep any puppy back for breeding purposes. The Breeder must be able to pick puppies that are breeding quality. We reserve the right to pick any puppy at anytime. If we wish to keep a puppy for breeding, we will make our pick on the day the puppy turns 8 weeks old, or any day after that. We want you to pick your puppy at 8 weeks old, because that's when the weight charts are more reliable, and you know how big they will be and what they will look like. We also need to wait until they are 8 weeks old to know that information to decide if they are breeding quality.

Section 7 - Agreement To Terms

Please sign below if you are the person listed in this agreement. This agreement is considered executed once the deposit is paid to The Breeder and this contract is submitted. Please sign your name below to enter into a legally binding agreement with the Breeder, and agree to the terms in section's 1-7 of this agreement. A copy of this contract will be sent to the email you entered earlier in this form. The website will store a copy of this agreement.

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